Kalam valley

Posted on September 6th, 2016

Swat is a beautiful place, a nature’s treasure Pakistan has been blessed with. Today we shall explore a sub-valley in swat called Kalam valley, located at a distance of 99kms from Mingora in the north of swat, along the bank of ‘Suvastu River’. It is another wonder of nature in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.

Kalam valley is famous for its lush green hills, exquisite waterfalls and crystalline lakes. The place is very popular among tourists as the valley provides great hospitality in terms of magnificence to nature lovers and adventure seekers.

There are two rivers namely ‘Ushu’ and ‘Utrot’ in Kalam valley that join to form Swat River. The rivers in Swat are formed from the melted mountain snow, hence the water is cold, clean and fresh. It is the folk lore of the area that these rivers possess healing powers in them.

The valley provides full traditional hospitality to tourists. Tourists and explorers can enjoy snacks at different ‘Charpoy Restaurants’ built near Swat River. Different fruits are also available like mangoes, cherries, apples and plums. Jeeps are available at cheap costs to ride up to Utrot, Ushu, Dhamaka Lake and Mahodand Lake.

This valley is consecrated with several beautiful ‘Glacial lakes’ with their breathtaking views and dangerous tracks. One of the lakes is the ‘Godar Dhand’ with a height of 12,565 feet above sea level. Godar Dhand lake is another place for adventure lovers. It requires a lot of mental strength to reach this lake for the path is very abrupt with wooden ladders to climb the steep rocks. It takes about 9 hours to reach this wonderful place. There are beautiful green and vast pastures with hundreds of animals grazing on them.

Kandol Lake, Kalam Valley, SwatThere is another magnificent lake, ‘Kandol Lake’ in Swat district. This lake can be reached by trekking 3 hours from Kalam. The passage is again steep and narrow with the person almost clinging to the rocks to cross the track. It is wise to take a guide along with you or else one might be on risk at such a place alone. On the way to the lake, there are several small glaciers as well. There are also many fresh water springs along the way.

Another tourist attraction is the ‘Mahodand Lake’ located at a distance of 30 km to the north of Kalam. The lake has plenty of trout fish and visitors can also do fishing here. It is a large lake located in a huge green field with huge mountains surrounding it and a forest in the middle. A bridge over the lake connects to the forest. There are several natural springs and glaciers that can be seen on the mountains. The water of the lake is freezing cold. Tourists can also ride boats in the lake for around 30 minutes for the lake is said to be very deep.

‘Ellum Valley’ is another place that tourists might find attractive. Furthermore, green mountains, sparkling springs and waterfalls are visible everywhere in Ellum Valley. It takes a ride of 6 hours from hotel ‘The White Palace’ to the Ellum Valley.

People from all over the world and from all across Pakistan come to Kalam to feast their eyes with the mesmerizing splendor of this wonderful place. Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is trying to provide more facilities for the tourists in Kalam. The cold weather is the basic reason for the denseness during summers. People like to spend vacations and go for picnics in Kalam every year to avoid the blazing heat of the Sun in other parts of the country. It is the most famous place to be visited in Pakistan.