Doodle Color Wheel

Posted on October 24th, 2016

Get it on PlaystoreDoodle color wheel is a 2D game for all age groups. It is centered at the player’s cognitive ability to comprehend the matching color on the wheel to the dial in the middle. Game’s speed increases with the increasing score that makes it difficult for the reflexes to respond more actively.

Game play

A wheel with colored segments is on the screen and player needs to tap the rotating stick at the right color. If the matching color is missed, the game is over. Every time the game starts, the color of the segments of the wheel and the needle changes.

Difficulty Levels

Game contains three difficulty levels; easy, medium and hard.

Easy: This mode have three sections of wheel with different colors.
Medium: This mode contains 4 sections all with different random colors which increase the difficulty.
Hard: In hard mode, the wheel is divided in 6 sections with random colors. At start it seems easy but when speed of dial increases, it becoms very difficult tap on exactly same color.


Doodle Color Wheel – Video


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